In the past ten years working in Cambodia, we’ve learned so much about the cycles of poverty and are learning even more about cycles of sustainability because of Jesus! 

The cycles of poverty strike at every age in Cambodia.  They don’t discriminate; and they are unrelenting. But, through the power of Jesus, we are seeing the cycles of sustainability beginning to take ground. 

This week, we’re sharing stories of some of the things God is doing to change cycles of poverty to cycles of sustainability. In each story, you will read how the cycle of poverty was impacting - even devastating - to the person and their family. The stories are real and happened to people we know (and love); we are honored to be working with each of them. How grateful we are that cycles of poverty are being met with cycles of sustainability. Our hope is that these stories unpack not just the narrative of poverty, but also the reality of sustainability and how God is changing the cycles.

Be a part of changing the cycle

Your partnership in donating will help fund these needed areas in 2019:

  • Fully funding feeding programs at all LBI schools

  • Training and equipping all teachers in LBI schools during 2019

  • Purchasing supplies and equipment for our job creation program

  • Hiring ten more women into Landmine Design in 2019

  • Sending four missionary staff to Cambodia this year