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Birth Date
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Internship Duration *
If yes, what is the exp. date? If no, has it been ordered?
Fathers name, phone number, and email.
Mothers name, phone number and email
If your parents are divorced, who has legal custody?
Tell us about your relationship with your family.
What was your inspiration in applying?
What interests you about being an intern rather than a team member?
Have you ever been on a mission trip? If yes, when, where, how long were you gone, and what was the hardest thing asked of you by the trip leadership?
How do you usually respond to authority? Is it difficult for you to respect the leadership in your life?
If you disagreed with something your leader did or said, (assuming it was not illegal or immoral) what would you do?
What, if any, leadership roles have you had in church or school?
What are three of your strengths?
What are three of your weaknesses?
What do you hope to get out of this internship?
Honestly rate yourself in the following:
I relate well to all ages.
I adapt well to different personalities.
I have a good attitude under tough conditions.
I received confrontation well.
I communicate well.
I work well in a team setting.
I am a good public speaker.
I am good at problem solving.
I am good at serving others.
I listen and follow directions well.
I have spiritual disciplines.
I adjust well to foreign cultures.
I adjust well to difficult physical conditions.
I perform well under pressure.
I confront others well.
I submit to all types of authority well.
I am creative.
I have self confidence.
I have discipline in my personal life.
I am self motivated.
I choose to not be easily offended.
I am patient.
Do you have any talents, skills, or abilities we should know about (musical, construction, medical, preaching, teaching, video, etc.)?
Do you speak any languages other than English?
What church is your home church?
How long have you been there?
What is your pastor's name? Phone number? Email?
What ministries or church activities are you involved in?
When did you make a commitment to follow Jesus?
What spiritual gifting(s) do you know/think you have?
Please describe your spiritual history since you began following God. Include your highs and lows in walking with Him. How have you seen God be active in your life?
What is helping you grow right now in Christ, and what is hindering you?
Describe the last time you shared your faith, and how it went?
How would you rate your present physical health? (10= good; 1= poor) Explain.
How would you rate your present emotional health? (10= good; 1= poor) Explain.
Do you have any special dietary needs?
How do you plan to finance this internship?
References *
Please give us the information of two people that we may contact as a reference. (These people MUST BE at least 18 years old or older, not a relative, and have email contact information)
Relationship to you and length of time you have known each other:
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Relationship to you and length of time you have known each other:
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