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Within the 99% Buddhist culture of Thailand, sharing about Jesus is something to take note of and celebrate!  Today, I'm delighted to celebrate the incredible ways that Huen Nam Jai Orphanage is proclaiming the good news about the birth of Jesus right in their own neighborhood! 

Last week, I noticed several of our kids at Huen Nam Jai post pictures of the set up and program of a really big event that happened at their orphanage.  I just love Facebook and all the ways I can keep up with what's happening with our orphans through that medium.  Anyway, these pictures started popping up on various kid's pages.  So, I messaged a few kids and found out that the orphanage (and church where the orphanage resides) hosted a large gathering to celebrate the beginning of the Christmas season.  A few churches were a part of the celebration as well as the neighborhood around Huen Nam Jai.  I was so excited to hear about it and even more excited to see the pictures. 

This is the outside courtyard/parking area of the orphanage transformed into a beautiful event space to celebrate the birthday of the King of Kings! 

Seeing these pictures may not seem like much to many who read this.  But to me, these pictures are incredible!  As an organization, our heart for all our orphans (and the adults we work with in our locations) is that each would become sustainable citizens, able to provide for themselves and their families.  The bigger (and more eternally focused) hope is that these orphans and adults would become difference-makers for Jesus in their corner of the world.  What a testimony to what God is doing in the lives of these kids and adults as they share the best news of the season...the birth of Jesus! 

Amee and Maew (two of our orphan kids) helping decorate for the festive event! 

Helping the younger kids prepare for the program, one of our now-adult orphans, Pae, was a huge part of pulling the evening together. 

The entrance to the church and orphanage...what great decorations!  I wonder how many neighbors joined in on the fun that evening and heard about the Creator that loves them so much -- so much that He sent His Son to be born in a manger!  

Bay (one of our college orphans) and a neighbor boy setting up the sound system

Orphanage director, Luung Kham and one of the neighbor kids standing in front of the manger scene.  

A few of our orphan kids (Amee, Meow, Momay and Maew) and some of their church friends getting ready for the big night!

Guests arriving for the evening! 

The entrance that guests were welcomed to as they arrived...can you see the sweet manger scene on the left? 

Several of our talented orphans are a part of the worship team for the church and here they were leading worship during the program. 

Such a large crowd gathered that night!  What joy to know they are gathering to celebrate Jesus with each other and with their neighbors! 

Would you join me in thanking God for the wonderful ways He is using orphans in Thailand to spread the news of the birth of Jesus to their own countrymen!  Now THAT is something to celebrate!! 

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