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Hi Prayer Team...

Starting tomorrow, we will be hosting The LightBridge Non-Event.  How I'd appreciate your prayer covering over this entirely online fund raising endeavor which will happen each day from October 20-27. 

Last year was our first try at such an event.  God was so faithful and galvanized an online army of individuals joining together and sacrificially giving to carry on the work He has been doing in caring for the Orphan.  

This year, we felt the Lord leading us in this direction as well and we are very excited about all that He has in store.  Instead of investing in a one-time banquet in one location, we've created a space online for partners, donors and friends from all over the world to participate, saving valuable resources and maximizing the opportunity for many people to join in the work God is doing to advance His Kingdom.

Each day, we will post stories (and videos) written by our staff unpacking and redefining the words "armed and dangerous".  Hopefully, the words alone are intriguing and draw you to join us in finding out their redefined meaning and how God is working to utilize these words in very different ways.  We believe He is asking us to partner together in raising the funds to build two schools in two different countries at two of our LightBridge locations.  Would you join us each day starting tomorrow, October 20 and ending on October 27?   

And would you pray?  We've been working for many weeks writing the stories, preparing the videos, and updating our Website in anticipation of this week.  I can't tell you how excited I am for you, and many others, to read and watch what God is doing and how He is directing for the coming months.  But, I wouldn't be honest if I didn't share the nervousness in my heart wondering about how these much needed funds will come in.  Our goal is $50,000...yes, it's a very ambitious goal.  In all honesty, my heart struggles to just simply trust His provision and faithfulness all the while knowing He is the Faithful Provider.  The tension is so real in my heart.  So, would you pray?  Pray for my heart to rest and trust.  Pray that many would join in the Non-Event; that many would read and watch the stories; that many would choose to give in surprising ways; and that God would provide exactly what we need to see these schools be built in the coming months.     

It's something I believe in deeply and think you will truly enjoy!  Again, the event runs from October 20-27 (I think I've mentioned this a few times) ;0).  May I also ask you to invite your friends to follow along as well.  I hope you enjoy reading a collection of stories that have the ability to touch your heart in a new way and participate in advancing God's Kingdom on the earth.  

Simply click this link each day starting tomorrow:  http://www.lightbridgeonline.org/

You can also follow and share our FaceBook, Instagram & Twitter posts each day, inviting others to journey during this week.  Simply type in LightBridge International and follow along. 

Thank you for praying and for joining us October 20-27! 




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