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What a treasure it has been to spend a couple days with our orphanages in Thailand this past week.  Spending time with the children at Huen Nam Jai and Blossom Home Orphanages often astounds me because I see the way the Lord is bringing His vision to life.  A vision the Lord led us to establish early in this work:  To raise children (& empower adults) to grow into quality adulthoods where they are sustainable and become difference-makers for Christ in their corner of the world. 

While I realize the children in our orphanages are growing up, I’m always a bit surprised to see their growth, hear of their dreams, and witness the profound ways God is moving His vision to reality in the lives of these quite amazing orphans…oh and by the way, His vision is happening in the midst of a 99% Buddhist culture – WHAT??!  So amazing!  Stories of orphans like: 

  • Japu – now serving as a dearly loved pasto

  • Chai – Newly married and seeking to honor Jesus in his marriage

  • Pae – Special education teacher who longs to find a godly husband

  • Lema – Working as a community developer and seeking Jesus

  • Maew – A pediatric nurse offering the peace of Jesus to children in her care

  • Momay – Spunky as ever and studying to be a nurse at university

  • Amee – A deliver nurse trying to grapple with the love of a Father for herself

  • Bay – A senior in the engineering university, teaching English and loving Jesus

  • Tao – A computer programmer who works pretty much non-stop

  • Nut – New high school graduate, beginning college this fall

  • Tiwagorn – A junior in high school with astounding English language skills…she wants to be a translator when she grows up

  • Abba – An amazing English-speaking high school junior who longs to be a missionary in her country teaching about Jesus to her own people. 

The sweet children and staff of Blossom Home Orphanage

The sweet children and staff of Blossom Home Orphanage

So tonight, my heart is deeply grateful for the ways God has been at work to accomplish His vision out here.  It’s funny because just last night, I felt the Lord compel me to lead our interns through Isaiah 55.  As we studied together, the passage just brought me to tears.  It talks about how God sends rain and snow to water the earth causing grain to grow and producing food for the hungry.  Then, the passage continues:

 “It is the same with my word.  I send it out and it ALWAYS produces fruit.  It will accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper EVERYWHERE I send it.” 

Yep!  Those words sent me to unexpected tears, as I was teaching.  I realized that God has been and continues to produce fruit out here.  He has been sending it out!  And He promises that it will ALWAYS produce fruit! 

Can we just stop for a minute and bathe in that truth!?!  My heart is so grateful that He promises to produce fruit everywhere He sends out His word!  Tonight, that bath just feels amazing and gives me such hope and excitement for all the fruit just waiting to be produced! 

Thank you for joining me in this work…even just taking the time to read this prayer blog!  It blesses me and encourages me that you would read, pray and join in this work in this way! 

The next team arrives in our little village tomorrow afternoon. I’m so excited about the work these teams will do including:

  • Conduct two VBS programs for close to 200 kids
  • Host our second eye care clinics in two villages
  • Continue working in our various ministries out here

Thank you for praying!  The fruit continues to grow and His word is accomplishing all He wants it to out here…and EVERYWHERE!  Praise Jesus!

A few of the delightful children and staff at Huen Nam Jai Orphanage

A few of the delightful children and staff at Huen Nam Jai Orphanage




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