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From the street of Bangkok Saturday morning, I was privileged to be part of the Walk for Freedom organized by the incredible organization A-21 (look them up and read about the amazing things they are doing). Around the world, in hundreds of cities, thousands of people walked to raise awareness that slavery still exists; we walked declaring we have the power to make change possible. My son, a few friends and my husband joined with me in this single file march through the streets of Bangkok. Profound to be part of it.

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Our little group arrived in Bangkok a few nights ago and then headed to Cambodia to begin work here. It’s significant to me that our work in Cambodia is a part of this war against modern day slavery in this part of the world. I’m astounded in realizing the Lord has given us an enormous privilege in working with women at risk — or victims of — human trafficking. He has chosen to provide a way for 27 women to become employed and receive an education through the work of Landmine Design and I’m simply blown away by it. They now are not part of the statistics in human slavery. What a joy!

But the main reason I came to Cambodia at this time is because of a new partnership with Avalon Cruises.

On Wednesday, Oct 24, I will travel with all our Landmine ladies — 25 artisans plus two managers — to Siem Reap, Cambodia. A team of amazing and compassionate ladies from America will host them in celebration of a new partnership with a river boat cruise ship in Cambodia. The Avalon Saigon is now carrying Landmine Design jewelry and textiles in the gift shops aboard two cruise ships. We are so deeply grateful and excited about this partnership.

Coupled with this exciting partnership will also be a press conference with journalists covering the new cruise ship from publications in the US. I am honored to be speaking this Thursday at the press conference sharing about the partnership with the company, Globus Family of Brands. How I would covet your prayer covering over this time. Would you join me in praying for these things:

  1. For the time with our ladies. This is the first time our whole group of artisans will go for a mini-retreat to a big city. Our ladies come from rural villages and seeing the big city of Siem Reap is a special treat. Would you pray for our time together to be filled with sweet times of fellowship, learning from each other and the Word, and also just a lot of fun together.

  2. For the press conference. Would you pray for my speech to be exactly the words the Lord would have me share with these journalists about the things happening out here? I’m a bit nervous and want for my words to be clear and inviting.

  3. For the potential partnerships the interview might ignite. We’d so love to develop even more partnerships that empower our program to hire even more women in Cambodia. Christ is transforming lives and piecing together lovely tapestries of dignity through these jobs and we are deeply hopeful to grow as He would have us.

  4. I’ve been so thankful to have Todd, my hubby, with me in Cambodia for a few days. He will leave from Siem Reap Thursday evening to continue his work with Cadence International in the region. I will continue on in Cambodia but would so appreciate your prayers for his safety and work with Cadence missionaries in southeast Asia. Please also pray for our hearts as we serve out here in separate ways. It’s always hard being apart. But we also know God has called us to our respective works and we desire to serve faithfully for our King!

Thanks for praying, my friends. We are excited to see all God has in store during these days on this side of the world. By the way, we just posted a short video about Landmine Design on our social media pages. Take a look here: https://www.facebook.com/landminedesign/videos/696130147429909/

More to come, but for now…thank you for praying!




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