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Dear Praying Friends…

Last week, I was privileged to work from rainy Washington state while my husband led a Cadence staff conference with his western/pacific team members. Though I needed to attend to LightBridge duties during many of their teaching and work sessions, I so enjoyed times with these precious missionaries during meals, a few sessions, and free times. They are salt of the earth folks who work tirelessly for the Kingdom…sharing the gospel and their very lives with those who protect our country.

I was able to join with the missionary ladies for a sweet time of teaching, sharing and praying one evening. I had brought some gifts from our job creation program, Landmine Design, to give each missionary woman; and had an opportunity to share about the amazing things God is doing in Cambodia, offering some prayer needs as well. Afterwards, the entire group of ladies circled around me to lay hands on me and pray over me and the work of LightBridge and Landmine. To say it was an honor is such an understatement.

One sweet friend, Louise, prayed specifically about our financial need at LightBridge. As the director of this non-profit, I often feel the heavy burden of fund raising. To be honest, it can be really very overwhelming. To know that many people in absolute desperate need are depending on the generosity of so many is daunting; it often keeps - or wakes - me up at night. Oh how I need Jesus!

Louise heard that specific need when I shared and prayed deliberately about it over me and our organization. She asked the Lord to provide in ways that are completely unexpected and far exceed what we could think. I sat with my head bowed, tears brimming, agreeing with her tender and honest prayer. Others also petitioned the Lord with such sweet prayers…what a blessing and honor.

Immediately after our prayer time ended, I had received notification of an email. Earlier in the day, I had submitted a substantial funding request to a faithful donor asking for a larger than normal donation this year. With all the growth at LightBridge, our financial needs have also grown in huge ways. Right after the prayer time, their response arrived in my email. And it was not good news. Due to unexpected tax rulings, they would not be able to give at this time. I read it and felt like I had been punched in the gut.

I left the sweet prayer time feeling completely opposite of what I should have felt. I was discouraged and fearful. How would the Lord provide? I crawled into bed and drifted off to sleep while bringing my fear to my Provider.

water vancouver.JPG

The next day, I got up early to spend some time with Jesus before I began working. Sitting by the beautiful ponds and flowers at the retreat center, I just so happened to read about Israel’s exodus from Egypt. And there it was. Here were the Israelites, wandering in the dessert where God met them and provided for them in such amazing and completely crazy ways. I mean how much more unexpected could His provisions be????

  • Water — FROM A ROCK

  • Manna (bread) — FROM HEAVEN

  • Quail instead of meat

  • A cloud to guide them by day (and maybe also provide shelter?)

  • A pillar fire to guide and light at night (and maybe also provide warmth?)

And it hit me! If God can provide for an entire nation through such strange, crazy, and completely unexpected ways, certainly He can provide for the organization I direct. And He may even want to provide in strange and unexpected ways like He did for the Israelites.

So, today I’m holding to His faithfulness. I have no idea how He will provide; but I know He is faithful! And He will provide for the things that are so very dear to His heart — the Orphan and the Poor. He loves to provide and be their safe haven.

Today, as I hold to that, I’m also asking if you would join me in praying over our needs as an organization. I have no idea how the Lord will provide for all the growth He has been developing — oh such amazing growth and absolutely good things! But, how in the world will He provide? I have no idea.

In just a few weeks, we will be sharing more of the needs in an online giving campaign. Would you join me right now in praying over this time?

  • Would you pray for the faithful God to move in the hearts of many people to pray with us and to give?

  • Would you ask Him to provide in ways far above what we can imagine?

  • Would you join along by following our Facebook and Instagram pages (and maybe even sharing them on your feeds as well?).

  • Would you check in on our lightbridgeonline.org website and follow along as we share the amazing stories of what God is doing? We plan to launch the campaign on October 7.

  • Would you pray that we rest in His faithfulness, not our merit, writing, posting, videos, or doing. This is His work and we trust Him to provide in whatever ways He deems best. That we would be faithful to trust Him for He is so faithful!

    How I covet your prayer covering with us and for us.

I also would so appreciate concerted prayer focus over many things we are facing at LightBridge currently and in the coming months. If you’d be willing to pray over these things, would you email and let me know (karla@lightbridgeonline.org)? I’d be so grateful to send you some specific things to be praying about in the coming weeks.

Finally, I’m so excited to see what God will do in this season! I’m really can’t wiat to see the ways He provides for the work He has orchestrated and people He cares so immensely for! Thank you friends! Thank you for reading, for caring, and for praying!

Holding tight…



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