lightbridge internship: a closer look

We are so happy that you have decided to take a closer look at this opportunity! Below you will find an outline of what each internship focus will include as well as where you will be staying, cost, and other details.  All internships are available for one month, three months, six months or customized for you. Here are the three options: English teaching (evangelism focus), Landmine Design (women discipleship focus), and mission team leader (leadership focus). Below is a more in depth look at each intern focus.

one month team leadership internship

A one month internship to Cambodia provides you the opportunity to see and experience the work of LightBridge International during the month of June. Not only will you get to share the love of Jesus with the orphan and poor, but you will get a chance to develop your leadership skills while leading several mission teams.

2019 Team Leadership Internship: June 2019


 Would you like to intern during the year in a longer term role?  We'd love to talk!  Customize your internship dates in ways that allow you to dive into the cultural realities of living in third world Cambodia and building relationships with individuals there. 

2019 is open...let's talk about dates that work for you!



english teaching

This is the most structured, routine based internship focus. There are two different age groups for English teaching:  children 7-12 and youth 13-18. As an intern focusing on teaching English, you will teach an English class at a local church. The number of students in a class can vary from 15 to 35. Churches in Poi Pet utilize  English classes as an outreach to the youth in the area. The classes are one hour long, five days a week, usually held in the evenings.  You will have many opportunities to connect with your students both inside the classroom and out. This means spending time before and after class to get to know them, eating meals, and socializing with them. This internship gives you the ability to design your own classes. You will be given a workbook to work through with the students. However, each class will require preparation and prayer to make class interesting and impactful. Local pastors at the church have learned how to evangelistically teach English to spark interest and conversation about Jesus their students. These pastors will hold classes with you every week to teach you how to design classes to become impactful. Not only will you be able to help and serve a local church, but you will also be able to learn how to evangelize to youth in another country! On the weekends, you will be able to go to youth group on Saturday and Church on Sunday to praise and worship our God with many of the kids in your class.


landmine design

Landmine Design is on the verge of expansion! We are so excited to begin two new programs in different regions around the team center. Now is the perfect time to come and experience how a brand-new business is started with women in another country. We would love for you to be a part of helping women rise out of the cycle of poverty and human trafficking. As a Landmine Design intern, you will get the opportunity to help and learn how to disciple women who are beginning their walks with the Lord. Our Landmine Design manager will teach you how to disciple people who are older, the same age, and younger than you. Not only will you get to help these ladies walk with the Lord, but you will also be able to learn the ins and outs of the program, how to make jewelry, how to source for materials, and how to create a product in another country that sells in the United States.  You will be a part of running programs meeting at different locations daily. This means planning a lesson with the manager on clean water/hygiene, how to worship, parenting, finances, and of course a lesson from the Bible.

In this internship, Landmine Design will be the focus, but you will also experience have opportunities to be part of each of LightBridge’s ministries in the area.


mission trip leader

This internship is the only one of the three that is dependent on having a team on the ground in Cambodia, and because of this is only offered certain times of the year. LightBridge has offered this internship for the last four years every summer. As a mission trip intern, you have the opportunity to help LightBridge lead a short-term team. This is a great way to utilize and learn leadership on the mission field. During this internship, you travel with the short-term team taking them through the entire experience.  You will learning relational leadership skills, how to lead a debrief, as well as serve right next to the people you’re leading. This internship will take you to the capital city Phnom Penh to walk the team through some history and cultural education about Cambodia. Then you will serve with the team at their ministry site in Poi Pet. You will also help lead the team in visiting the man-made wonder Angkor Wat. During the trip, you will debrief the team multiple times, make lifelong friends, and impact the team members around you. Each step of the way, you will learn more about what it looks like to lead someone through the life changing experience of a mission trip.




For each focus, you will either be staying in a hotel in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.  Once you arrive in Poi Pet, you will stay at the newly built team center. This gorgeous compound is found off the beaten path in a beautiful area outside the city of Poi Pet. With peaceful rice fields surrounding the center, there is plenty of space to spend time with the Lord, appreciating His creation, as well be in proximity of all ministry sites. It provides the perfect place to rest and refresh after a day of ministry. The team center is equipped with everything you need from running water, electricity, wifi, beds, and a kitchen stocked with great local food.  

Training with Local Leaders

Each focus also provides training from one of LightBridge’s local leaders in your specific focus. You will meet with a leader weekly and to debrief your internship and learn specifics within your focus. This is a great way to receive feedback on how you can grow in your internship. Each of the leaders will be with you throughout the week as you serve and can provide feedback as well as teach you more of what they have learned.

Visit LightBridge Orphanages

An added bonus may be the opportunity to visit LightBridge orphanages in Thailand sometime during the internships.  While we can’t guarantee each intern will be able to visit the various orphanages, we will work to make that happen, if it is possible.  


Cost Breakdown:

  • $100 deposit

  • Airfare TBD

  • $3400/month (all inclusive)