MissionS FAQ

Who's invited?

Anyone!  We're open to all ages and demographic of people who have a heart to love the orphan and poor people of the world.  You can bring your entire family or even a group from college! 

Do I have to be a Christian?

You don't.  But you must be willing to represent what we as an organization represent during your time on the field. Our trips include worship, prayer and loving people as we believe Christ loves the world.  (click here to see our mission and beliefs). 

If I want to join one of the internships, will I be in Cambodia alone?

No!  We have two incredible missionaries living in Cambodia this year that will oversee your time there and provide support.  In fact, during part of your time there, our short term teams will be there as well.

How much do these trips cost?

Depending on the trip, the prices vary.  The prices include airfare, accommodations and food.  We try to keep our cost as low as possible so you can afford it!  We encourage team members and interns to raise their funding by sending support letters to friends and family.  We can help you with this process if you chose this route!  You can also pay out of pocket or whatever is best for you.  All donations and payments are processed through LightBridge International and are tax deductible.   

I'm interested in joining or bringing a team to work with LightBridge, but can't go the dates currently listed, would you be able to work with me?

No Problem! Fill out the form and tell us when you're looking to take or join a team. With full time staff in country, we'd love to partner with you at another time in the year as well!

How should I get started?

Simply complete the form below. Once your application is reviewed, we will get back to you!