I'll never forget the answer to the question I posed to Ga Bleu, director of Jury's Orphanage located in Burma.  

During a scouting trip to Burma to see where the new orphanage would be located, I asked her, "What is the future for these orphans in Burma?"

I had to ask because the realities of these orphan's lives is much different than the orphans we shared about earlier this week. In Burma, a country STILL at war, a country still dominated by authority killing ethnic tribal people, what really was the future for these kids? Aren't their lives constantly at risk? There is no guarantee for their safety, no protection, no rest in my heart that they would be okay.  

Ga Bleu's answer was simple, "They will become teachers, doctors and ministers of the Gospel.  
They will help those who are still alive in neighboring villages in Burma."

It was in this moment that I realized Ga Bleu had no other plan for these orphans than the same one Christ gave to each of us - "to go and make disciples of all nations." None of us are guaranteed tomorrow, whether we live in a first world nation at peace or a third world nation at war. Ga Bleu's heart for these children was to arm them with strength and power through education to fulfill the great commission! Her deep understanding of Christ led her to none other than Jesus' original mission for these children, which is to share His Gospel and make disciples. Ga Bleu understood that Plan A for expanding God's Kingdom on the earth is each of us, including these beautiful orphans, no matter their difficult circumstance. She never lost site of this call - all she was able to see is what God COULD DO through each of them. Arming these orphans, ones who've lost their very own mothers and fathers, with an education of reading, writing and math in addition to an education about Jesus Christ, was really the only answer to my question.    

That answer immediately changed my hopeless heart to a heart that began dreaming about the possibilities! Let's really think about this...

What happens when children, the ones with the most innocent faith, begin to be armed with education? What about when they have an understanding that their purpose is to be the very nation-changers their nation needs? What happens when these children become adults who care about their own people, the ones that are being oppressed and the ones that are oppressing? What happens when they learn to forgive and love and begin shaking the very foundation of evil in their society?  I'll tell you what happens....



All we're being asked to do is build a school. A school that would arm these children to become difference makers and influencers.  

How can we not join GaBleu in this vision? The money being raised this week for Jury's orphans has HUGE implications!

This school will be built in the middle of a hot zone, exactly where we as followers of Jesus Christ want to be building schools! This school will not only bring education to Jury's orphans but it will educate village children from around theregion. It will arm each child with education that can pull that nation out of war and poverty. It starts here, with the investment of children.  

We don't send soldiers into a battle without armor. So too, we arm these children for battle: A battle for their nation's peace. Education is the first and crucial step.