Zach Tillapaugh, Field Director

Zach Tillapaugh, Field Director

LightBridge believes in a holistic mission. We want to impact the lives of the orphan and poor in two aspects: Eternally through salvation; and physically through providing education and jobs. At the heart of LightBridge International is the desire to expose people to the Gospel, plug them in with a church, and provide resources to improve life here on earth. When you look at social media for our organization you will probably see pictures, posts, and blogs highlighting how LightBridge is providing resources to those in need. Earthly resources are easy to focus on and tell a story about. You can see a difference between what these people had before and what they have now. What you might not see as much of is the main focus of our mission. The reason that we provide these things for people in need is so that we can spend eternity with them in heaven glorifying our Creator.

This year, we are honored to have started a new church plant with a fellow local church in Cambodia. We partner with many churches to provide anyone we reach with the gospel and a way to grow in relationship with Jesus and stay connected to the body of Christ.

The other day I was attending a service with some of our Landmine Design Artisans and as they were getting ready to start the service, the power completely cut out. We sat in the dark for about 30 seconds before I heard a voice coming from the stage. They said: “It’s a good thing we don’t rely on electricity for power but rather the POWER of the Holy Spirit to run our services.” The place went crazy, cheering that soon turned into worship, singing without microphones or instruments.  The service went on without a hitch.

The entire service I couldn’t help but thank the Lord for providing a church for the people in Poipet where they rely on the POWER of the Holy Spirit, not the power of electricity to bring people closer to God. Next time you are sitting at you church ask the question, “Do I rely more on the electricity at church than the Holy Spirit? Does my church rely more on the electricity than on the Holy Spirit?”