This past September I sat down with Leakhena, Landmine Design's Program Manager in the Minefield Village of Cambodia. While we were sitting and talking, English lessons were being taught and she looked at me with tears in her eyes and said “Zoë, we’re sitting in my dream.” I️ asked, “What do you mean, Leakhena?” and she answered, “This is my dream. For years I’ve prayed for this. I’ve prayed for God to bring education to the children. I’ve prayed that education would bring them away from human trafficking and selling goods on the streets and look around, it’s happening.” This struck me. I️ sat for so long the next day thinking “What am I️ dreaming about? What am I️ praying will happen to change the trajectory of others lives and what is God stirring in me?” It may sound cliche but I love hearing this question: “If all your prayers came true, would other people’s lived be changed because of it - or just yours?”

I look around at the work of LightBridge and I see so many dreams coming to life. I see what once started with children not knowing how to use a crayon now transformed into feeding programs, education, christian discipleship, and so much more. I see a job creation program that has been birthed from hearts desperately wanting to bring justice and safe work for women who are caught in human trafficking. I see the vision of starting a church and that church being planted above the very team center that LightBridge faithfully built  in the village. I truly believe often times the Lord gives us the desires of our hearts. He places seeds of passion and stirrings that lead to His great plans.

What is the still small whisper speaking in your heart? What passions and desires has God given you and what is He asking you to take a leap of faith in? Often times the Lord perfectly places things in our path for us to seamlessly walk in and other times I believe he is saying “trust me, take a leap of faith, start walking the path where waters are high and watch me dry them in front of your very eyes preparing you one step at a time.”

May we all learn something from Leakhena’s tears. May we be a people moved by and devoted to serving and making and impact in the lives of those around us. May we long for others to know Christ and the overwhelming, reckless love has for us. Let’s open our hearts and minds to the vastness of our potential. May the ministry of LightBridge and what God is doing in Cambodia, Thailand, and Burma be an encouraging reminder that we serve a mighty God who makes all things possible. Nothing is too big for His strong hands to accomplish, he just needs our “yes.”