We at LightBridge are so happy to announce new members to our team! Bunny, his wife Socheat, and their two children!


If you have ever been on a mission trip with LightBridge to Cambodia you have most likely met our bus driver Bunny (pronounced Boo - Nee). For years, Bunny has faithfully served our short-term mission teams. Bunny has a heart of gold. Even though we hire him simply to transport our teams while in country, he does so much more than that for our teams. He is always helping in our VBS’, translating for our teams, and helping with so many other logistics than just transportation. Bunny has also shown a commitment to the people in the minefield village over the years. 

Just last month, we were honored to invite Bunny and his family to come work for us at the team center in Poi Pet. This addition to our team brings someone who understands the Khmer culture, loves Jesus, and has a heart to serve the poor. We are so excited to have Bunny and his family on our team! 

Bunny has lived with his family in Phnom Penh (8 hours from Poi Pet) for most of his life. Most of Bunny’s extended family is also in Phnom Penh. This move to Poi Pet is a sacrificial act of following the Lord’s pull on their hearts. Uprooting their lives, in order to serve their fellow Khmer far away from home. Bunny and his family are becoming missionaries. Praise God for providing workers for the harvest! 

When Bunny and his family get settled in Poi Pet they will be helping us in a variety of ways:  living and keeping up the Team Center (where our short term teams stay when they come), overseeing parts of LBI’s ministry sites, and helping with our mission teams. We are excited that Bunny and his family will further God’s Kingdom in Cambodia!


Right now Bunny has already moved up to Poi Pet and is living at the Team Center. His family is finishing up the school year and wrapping up details before they move up to Poi Pet with him. Will you join us in praying for this move? We are praying that as Bunny and his family are apart for this time, the Lord would bless them and help them have peace in the midst of missing each other. We are also praying that the move goes well and that everyone and everything arrives safely to Poi Pet. 

We are also asking our friends, especially those of you who know and love Bunny, to consider being a part of their support team.  To make the move, earn a small salary, and cover much needed ministry expenses is no small feat. They are working as missionaries and will be depending on a strong support team.  We’re working and asking the Lord to provide $1500 each month for Bunny and his family. Would you consider joining their support team? A monthly commitment in any amount would be such a blessing.  Along with this financial support, would you also commit to praying for Bunny and his family as they are in this season of transition and will be facing many challenges in this bold move for the sake of the Gospel?  Finally, would you just take a moment to thank God for His calling in their lives to His ministry? Thank God for their faithfulness in saying ‘yes’! And thank God for the ways He is already (& will continue) to use Bunny and His family for the work of the Kingdom in the months and years ahead.  In case you couldn’t tell, we’re so very excited!!  

You may use the link below to sign up and become part of Bunny’s support team. In the ‘additional information’ section, please let us know that your donation (one-time or monthly) is for ‘Bunny’s support team’ so we can designate it appropriately.  Thank you so much friends! We’re so excited to see all God has in store as Bunny’s family and you -- their support team -- partner to advance the Gospel in this corner of Cambodia!