Do you ever feel like when something’s going right in one area of your life, another area is falling apart? It doesn’t quite feel like all areas have peace and harmony at the same time?

Sometimes when I think about the various and amazing things God has allowed LightBridge International and Landmine Design to be apart of in our ministry locations in SouthEast Asia, it feels like a house with many rooms. And often times while one room feels put together, another room needs attention.

For instance, I have a two-year-old. Right as I have finished cleaning up his room for the millionth time, I come out to the living room where he has spread out all his toys, blankets, crayons, name it, it’s there! After cleaning up the living room, I walk into the kitchen to find another mess. Two-year-olds are tornadoes! But you get the point. From one cleaned room to another mess waiting for me.

To be honest, it’s pretty cool how two parts of the world can come together to create good in our ministry locations at LightBridge. We’ve seen God use us to create opportunities for orphans to have a home, for families living in poverty to have dignified jobs, for church planting and the Gospel to reach people who have never heard of the life-giving message of Jesus Christ. But with these two worlds operating together to create good in a house with moving parts, often times some rooms feel strong and others weak....all at the same time. 

We often face challenges as an organization where when things on the ground are going strong, we’re struggling with various aspects of our ministry in the states. Or when things in the states are strong, areas of the ministry on the ground are facing challenges. It’s kind of weird how it happens but in the end, I’ve noticed how sharp and focused it keeps us. I think it may happen on purpose because it keeps us trusting. Trusting in Jesus to be the source of all that we do. Trusting Jesus’ process and timing, not our own. Trusting HIM to give us peace when there’s a storm in one of the other rooms.

It’s the nature of what happens when God and only God can make two worlds come together to create something GOOD for HIS Glory! And while it may be a difficult dynamic, it’s one that we love and embrace and continue to get better and better at.

God is faithful to touch all the rooms in this house. Above all, it’s HIS WORK and we feel so honored to be a small part of it.