Pou Po

Favorite color: Red

Favorite food: Chicken

Favorite activity: Soccer

Favorite subject: Math

When we first interviewd Pou Po in 2013 he was a shy little boy in first grade-unsure about everything, including how old he was. Many children aren’t aware of how old they are, but we guessed him to be about seven.

He has a long walk to school since his hut is further away than most, but he finds comfort in walking with two of his siblings to school. When we first came to the village, many of his family members were sick due to using dirty water from the pond. His parents use to work in the field around the MineField Village, but now work long term in Thailand on a fishing boat. Villagers often habe to make the decision to leave their families to find work in Thailand in order to provide for their families. Pou Po lives with an older brother. His job consists of catching rat and mice and eating them for dinner now.

Now Pou Po’s father has come back, but his mother is still in Thailand, unfortunately the family is not sure where she is or when she will be back. Many times, this is a reality for a family. One of the heartbreaking parts of visiting the village is seeing the effect dirty water has on a family. For four years now, we have watched Pou Po’s family continue to drink from a contaminated water source that all the villagers share. Over and over again, Pou Po tells of a family member who is sick due to what we believe is drinking dirty water. 74% of all deaths in Cambodia is related to drinking dirty water.

Pou Po’s dream for the last 4 years has been to be a construction worker. This dream is fueled by watching the construction that has been taking place within the school compound the last couple of years. You can always find Pou Po watching from afar, sometimes even during school looking out and watching the workers work. For Pou Po to become a great construction worker, Pou Po will need to continue education. For that to occur, he needs a sponsor like you to help faithfully provide a meal a day, clean water, and the chance to break the cycle of poverty in his family.



Pou Po in 2013

Pou Po in 2013