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CHILDREN waiting

2 sponsor joined our fight this month.



Can 27 people join our fight?


It's easy to throw numbers around a number...
135 children currently going to school in The MineField Village School, in Poi Pet, Cambodia.
14 orphans at our two orphanages in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
30-40 refugees from Burma in Mae Sot, Thailand waiting for a chance to return home.
But it is so much more than just a number. 

It’s not 135 children.
       These are 135 lives to pursue and engage with. Together, we may ensure the cycle of poverty is ended. 
It’s not 14 orphans.
       These are 14 beautiful personalities that create a family bonded together in Christ. Together, we may ensure this family may stay together.
It’s not 30-40 child refugees.
       These are 30-40 war-torn children determined to return home and create a future for themselves. Together, we may fight to bring them home.

Our prayer is to offer these children an opportunity to thrive.
Our desire is to engage each and every one of our sponsors.
Our need is to provide a sponsor for every child. 
Our call is to engage you; to bring you on this journey with us.

We currently have 71 sponsors in The MineField Village.
     We need 160 total.

We currently have 33 sponsors at Blossom Home.
     We need 48 total. 

We currently have 15 sponsors at Huen Nam Jai.
    We need 36 total.

We currently have 18 sponsors at Jury’s.
    We need 40 total.

Each comes with a unique vision. 
What do you desire? Where do you see yourself in this?

Maybe you have a family of your own and have a heart to make sure that another family can provide for their children as you do for yours.                 Sponsoring a child in The MineField Village is for you.
Maybe you have a compassion for younger children or teenagers. Sponsoring an orphan at Blossom Home is for you.
Maybe you have a desire to aid young adults striving to start a path of their own in this world. Sponsoring an orphan at Huen Nam Jai is for you.
Maybe you wish to impact a war-torn refugee camp and bring stability during the relocation back to Burma. Sponsoring Jury’s is for you.

During the month of May, we will be introducing you to individual children. Because to us, a child is not simply a number. A child is a smile to cherish, a hand to hold, a moment to remember. A unique personality we may come to know, understand, and deeply care for.

To engage you in this work; our prayer, our desire, our need.

Will you say yes to changing the life of a child today? For they are not a number, but the number of children waiting is nothing but a call to act.

Blossom home was a lovely time. When we arrived we met all the kids and we all sat down in the main room. They had a program prepared for us that was quite emotional. They stood up and sang hymns and wrote the words on the board for us to follow along. The kids are sweet and gentle but full of energy. We all introduced ourselves and then I started sponsorship interviews. In the interviews, two of the girls knew english well enough to not use the translator much which was exciting. The kids were extremely open in talking about their lives and they were warm and welcoming. While I did interviews, the team sat inside playing with the kids. They drew, played music, and danced and tried to get to know each other despite the language barrier. We all ate dinner together that the orphanage directors prepared for us. It was a great time fellowshipping together and getting to know the kids there. Ku and Sangwan (directors of Blossom Home) were very grateful and thanked us for being there. They are gentle spirits and lead the kids well. We left after dinner, and the kids ran as fast as they could next to the car as we left saying goodbye.
— Bethany Addy