Having lived in three different continents so far, Karla has grown to love cultures and people from across the globe. During a trip to Thailand, God broke Karla's heart for the orphan and the poor.  Though she didn't know that LightBridge would be the result, she had to do something to respond to the desperate need she saw all around her. More than anything, Karla is deeply in love with her Creator, and that love is easily seen and felt by everyone around her. Because of the work of God within her, she is passionate about engaging with people - both in America and abroad, and helping them see God's heart for all people.
With a degree in Organizational Management from Colorado Christian University, Karla resides in Westminster, Colorado with her husband and three kids (two of whom are already grown up!).  As a family, they love traveling around the world, but especially to the MineField Village where they spend each summer loving on children, serving, and helping with the development of this precious place.


Director of Advocacy



Adopted from India when she was three years old, Amreitha's life as an orphan changed forever when she moved to the loving adoptive home of her parents and became a farm girl from Kansas. Amreitha has an authentic and vibrant walk with the Lord, a zest for life, and a pursuing heart for people that others can't help but be drawn to. Married to a Sri-Lanken-American pastor named Pradeepan, and living in Highland Michigan, Amreitha has keen abilities as a visionary and helps give framework and function to LightBridge International as our Director of Advocacy. A gifted communicator, Amreitha shares often about God's heart for the orphan and the poor at many speaking engagements throughout the year. She taught English in Korea for one year and has a passionate heart for the desperate needs of others, especially in poverty stricken areas of the world. When not working, you can find Amreitha enjoying cultural events (some, even dangerous) with her adventure-seeking husband; they delight in serving the Lord together both in America and overseas.

Kaitlyn Rude

creative Director for Landmine design



Kaitlyn is the token Canadian on the Landmine Design team, and a farm-girl at heart. She has a background of training in Graphic Design and has spent most of her career thus far working in a variety of Marketing and Communication environments. Kaitlyn's relentless attention to harmony and design, paired with a deep concern for the intrinsic value of all people is what launched her adventure into working as Creative Director for Landmine Design. She delights in witnessing communities celebrate the strengths and skills of their members - especially in the MineField village. When when not working with Landmine Design or her own business, the Pedestal, Kaitlyn is most likely to be traveling across the city and/or the continent to spend time (hopefully outdoors) with her dear friends and family.



Having grown up on the mission field in Okinawa, Japan for the first eight years of his life and going on mission trips every year since then, Zach’s calling has been groomed and cultivated within missions. Finishing his degree in Business Management and Accounting at Colorado Mesa University this December, he is acting on this calling and moving to Cambodia to be one of the very first on the ground, full-time missionaries for LightBridge International.  He has a passion for leading mission teams and helping people engage with God’s heart for the poor. Because of God’s work within Zach’s life since he was little, he has committed to two years with LightBridge living in Cambodia, but he knows that his missionary journey will be much longer than that.  1 John 12:26 


Missionary-Cambodia: Project Manager

Born and raised in Colorado, Dante grew up in a Christian home with his parents and younger brother. When Dante isn’t working he spends much of his time exploring outside, playing sports and volunteering. Dante works with the youth ministry at Foothills Community Church and coaches a 6th grade football team in Arvada. After his first mission trip with LightBridge in 2013, Dante’s passion for missions and discipleship grew. Dante attended Discipleship Training School with Cadence International, where he served in Thailand and Cambodia for six months. Dante's love for Cambodia and commitment to Christ is leading him to spend the next two years as one of LightBridge International's very first full time missionaries on the ground. Dante’s motivation for becoming a missionary stems from his own walk with Christ and wanting to help others in their walks of faith.  Proverbs 19:23



Zoë is from Athens, Georgia and graduated from The University of Georgia with a degree in Public Health and has experience in project management. In October of 2015 she went on her first mission trip to an orphanage in Macedonia and the Lord completely broke her heart for the children she met. Coming home from her trip she knew the Lord was going to change the trajectory of her life in some way, leading her to go on an eleven month mission trip traveling to Eastern Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia. Knowing that she wanted to work for a faith based non-profit, specifically ministering to orphans and those in poverty, she began looking for organizations to work for as she returned to the States. During her search, she stumbled upon LightBridge International online and was immediately drawn to the work LightBridge does. In May of 2017 she had the opportunity to visit the Minefield Village in Poipet, Cambodia. She knew that very moment, standing over the property, that she wanted to be a part of what LightBridge is doing in Southeast Asia, beginning her journey with LightBridge as Sponsorship Coordinator.



LightBridge International is governed by a compassionate Board of Directors who faithfully ensure we follow our mission and vision. They give direction as needed; pray over the ministries; and support the fund raising initiatives throughout the year.  We are deeply grateful for the following people who willingly serve in this role:



John Correa

Karla Tillapaugh