This week, Give Back.


This week, Give Back.



A word that is spoken many times during the holiday season. Here at LightBridge, we’re thankful for many things. We’re thankful that God has brought LightBridge to one of the most unseen and overlooked places in the world. A place where darkness tried to control, but light has overcome. We’re thankful for our many sponsors that provide education, Christian discipleship, warm meals, housing, and clean water initiatives to children in Thailand, Cambodia, and Burma.

When we rest in thankfulness, we find ourselves extending more of ourselves. We give because we’ve been given so much. We all have people who have invested in our life and given selflessly of themselves for our benefit. You have the opportunity to be that for someone else - a child who hasn't experienced the kind of self-sacrificial love we’re speaking of. A child that can be truly touched by your sponsorship, and a relationship that will not only impact their life but yours as well.

Sponsorship is more than a transaction. Sponsorship is a life-changing relationship that brings you into a deeper knowledge of love, hope, and redemption. We pray that this holiday season your heart is overwhelmed with thankfulness, leading to the extending of your hand and touching of a life 9,000 miles away.

Witness what making a difference looks like. Watch the video below. 



Make the decision to make a difference, today.





Engaging individuals to care for the orphan and the poor by providing support, training, discipleship and development opportunities.